Like so many in my profession do, I’m currently working on a class this summer.  The funny part about it is that it’s a class about finding balance in our lives.  A friend asked me, “That’s a class?  Seriously?”  Yes. Seriously.  This world has become so connected, that it’s easy to become disconnected.  When my work email is connected to my phone, I find that my evenings are often more connected to my colleagues and my students than they are to my daughter, my boyfriend, and his kids.  I become disconnected from the people around me. I’m trying to change this…and if I have to take a class for me to unlearn the work habits that I’ve developed over the last decade of teaching, then I will.

One excellent thing this class has brought me (along with my awareness of needing to disconnect from technology and connect to the people around me), was an assignment meant to inspire.  Now…because I’m a perfectionist…I couldn’t take the easy way out, search “inpiring educators” and pick the first YouTube video I saw.  No…I spent over a 1/2 hour online watching video after video until I had a meeting.  In that meeting, we started with small talk and I told my friend what I was working on.  He recommended Alex Sheen’s “Becasue I Said I Would” movement.  If you haven’t seen this… please take the time to watch it.

Watching this video gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes…in public…and I hate crying. But it also did what it was meant to do.  It motivated me to make a change.

Previously in my classroom, I asked students to share their “highlight of the weekend” on Mondays.  I’d get anything from “I got to sleep a lot,” to “I didn’t sleep at all,” to winning sports games to spending time with family, to “nothing” (which either meant they had a crap weekend OR they were truly excited that for once they got to relax).

Well…this is going to change.  I want to bring the idea of “Because I Said I Would” to my classroom.  I want to bring it to my students, colleagues, and their families.  Instead of highlighting their weekend, I want us all to write down our promises…our goals…and really work on following through on them.  So much research supports goal setting…and the power of writing them down.  I’m excited to see where this change leads us as a school (and hopefully as a community).

So…here’s my first:  I will write openly and honestly about my life in the hopes that it helps at least one other person at least once a week…because I said I would.