Much of this is taken from my first blog post…from a while ago  0_0.  However, it still rings true….

I’ve said for years that I’ve wanted to blog…to share my story, my life, my insights, my epic victories and my untimely failures that all moms (and humans that aren’t moms) have.  I’ve made blogging a goal every year that I’ve taught and have always pushed it aside.  However, in the soul searching that comes with summer, I’ve decided that it’s time to start.

All I can do is share….me.  I’m a teacher of middle school students. I’m a momma to a sweet/sassy child (because what child isn’t a little sweet and a little sassy). I’m single after my fiance (my daughter’s father) died at the age of 30 from battling addiction.

Faith is a constant journey in my life. Sometimes I get the God highs where I can smile and feel joy even in those difficult moments; and sometimes I’m pissed at God…really pissed…when things haven’t gone the way I’d hoped.  Regardless of where I am in my faith, I’ve always been blessed to know that God is there with me; and, having a child has taught me more about what it means to have child-life faith than ever before.

So, I’m taking this first step. I have a goal to write at least one entry a week–whether it be about parenting moments, single parenting frustrations, faith, living with loss, having lived with addiction, teaching, education, or whatever I’m feeling compelled to write at that moment. I welcome you to join me on this journey…to share your insights and just how connected we all are through experiences.  To show that none of us are truly alone.  Welcome!